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As you are already reading this on our website, the easiest way is to click on the contact us button and record down a few basic details about yourself so that we can get in touch with you.

Once contact has been made, if at all possible we will establish some key facts about your requirements and arrange an initial meeting with you. However, a meeting is not always necessary as we understand how busy people are. Much of the initial work could be conducted via the telephone or e-mail. We would basically leave this to each particular client.

During the initial phase, we will discuss your needs and expectations, and explain about our solutions to meeting those needs. Generally we will also use this time to get to know you and help you to get to know us.

Most people assume that an accountant prepares accounts and deals with the Inland Revenue. This is in fact just the tip of the iceberg - we regard these core activities as the start rather then the end and we believe that an accountant should be there to help and support his or her client throughout the business relationship. To find out more about the things that we do, please look at the our services area of this website.

If you wish to change accountants then it is a simple process, but we do have to follow some professional courtesies which involve us writing to your previous accountant to confirm that there are no professional reasons why we should not act for you. This is generally a formality and your outgoing accountant will usually provide us with any relevant information about your affairs to make the changeover a smooth and straightforward process.

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We're UK-based Financial Accountants who exist to help small businesses and their owners with all of their financial and taxation challenges.

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Getting the right support and information, when you need it most, is vital for any business. Delays mean missed opportunities and bad decisions. It is especially important for new and growing small businesses to have professional assistance available immediately it is required