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We are not member of the above body, and feel that it is only right to fill you in on who the Institute of Financial Accountants are.

The Institute of Financial Accountants was established in 1916 and is the oldest body of non Chartered Accountants in the world. It represents members and students in more than 80 countries, providing qualifications for those wishing to work in financial management and continuous professional development for qualified Financial Accountants. The Institute sets technical and ethical standards for all their members.

Accountancy is a demanding yet rewarding profession. To achieve your full potential in this highly respected field, it is necessary to attain professional status and to hold a qualification tailored for the world of business. The Institute of Financial Accountants offers that unique professional qualification. A qualification that not only allows members to offer their expertise in accountancy to any business, but also enables them to demonstrate their proficiency in management and strategic skills.

Robinson's Financial Accountants are qualified under the requirements of the Institute of Financial Accountants to engage in public practice as an Incorporated Financial Accountant, and we hold a practicing certificate in accordance with the Articles of Association and the code of ethics.

For further information visit http://www.ifa.org.uk/.

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